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I’m a Billionaire Because I Read & Write

Four years living in East Lansing and I finally opened an East Lansing Public Library card last week. My peers like to ask me why I would read when it isn’t assigned for class. Why not?

Reading a good novel has done wonders for my stress levels. There’s nothing like being caught up in an imaginary world or feeling sympathy for a character as though he were your little brother. I graduate in May, but I am using my public library card as much as possible. (My roommate would later inform me that the Michigan State Library would be able to reserve any book within the state of Michigan for me, but who wants to wait to read that latest murder thriller? I’m still waiting for Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.)

Recently, author Toby Young, criticized J.K. Rowling for being an undeserved billionaire and stated that Harry Potter would be “a distant memory.” Sorry to inform you Mr. Young, but Harry Potter reignited the passion for reading for millions of children . . . and even some adults. Rowling’s novels have probably inspired an entire generation to write even better and unique stories than her own.

Yes, Rowling is a billionaire. But I’d rather a woman, who wrote charming, memorable stories about a boy named Harry Potter and his wizarding friends, be a rich billionaire than some unpopular Wall Street boss. Now that is undeserved.