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Someone Like You

I’m not sure if it’s an aftereffect of too much turkey on Thanksgiving day, but when I saw this performance for the first time last night I cried. And when I say I cried, I felt like a blubbering teenager after her first heartbreak.

I have loved Adele and her music from day one. Adele’s debut album, 19, is unfairly lumped in with artists like Winehouse and Duffy, and although good, there is an obvious, raw talent in this 22-year-old that outshines the others. Her new album, 21, will be released early next year. Adele has said it has a country, gospel, disco sound, influences from her time touring in America. And although initially wary, I am now more than excited for her sophomore release.

Someone Like You has the emotion, reality and nostalgia that seeps in under your skin and stays there days after.