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Hello Chicago

As I skim my last post, I will stand by my belief that Michigan is still a lovely, beautiful state with tremendous potential for economic growth.

That said, one must also be able to follow his or her goals, dreams and gut instincts.

I like many other young graduates from the states surrounding the Great Lakes all felt that pull to the Windy City. How will I stand out from the competition? How will I handle the transition from small town to big metropolis?

I feel neither lost or quite at home . . . just yet. I have met new business contacts, wonderful house mates and kind neighbors. Lincoln Park provides the quiet suburban life within the bustling and chaotic city that I think most people my age can appreciate.

As for the reality of my job search, I am still positive! The first few weeks in the city required a duration of tedious but necessary errands and long walks getting lost in my neighborhood. The past two weeks finally introduced me to the world of job applications and interviews in Chicago. I am crossing my fingers for a certain position at the moment, but the one thing I have learned about myself is that I have the world to offer. I am young, talented, blessed with education and ready to make a name for myself. Some may view my thoughts as naive and far too hopeful. Why shouldn’t I be? It is better to stay positive and continuously think of ways to apply one’s skills to a field of interest than to mope and wait for an opportunity.

In the mean time, I have already found a few restaurants and bars I love! HI-TOPS (formerly Gin Mill) is a bar reminiscent of East Lansing, Mich. where MSU alumni can watch Sparty win spectacularly (Go GREEN! 8-1!) or lose in an embarrassing 6-37 defeat to Iowa (I was unfortunately there to witness this horrific event).

Should I be ashamed to admit that I have already dined three times at a corner bistro in my neighborhood? No. $4 wine glasses on Wednesdays and $4 margaritas on Thursdays at John’s Place on the corner of Webster and Racine. I think my friends and I have visited enough places to be able to write out a deals cheat sheet/guide/zagat for the week.

But the one place I enjoyed most has to be HomeMade Pizza off Armitage. It’s not to-die-for pizza. It definitely does not beat the pizza al taglio of Rome I had last summer. But it surprisingly is the most emotional and healthy pizza I have had in a long time. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it when you get a freshly made pizza with fantastic ingredients to stick in your own oven at home. To top it off, they will send you a follow-up email with a coupon if you join their loyalty/frequent customers card promotion!

I’m sure these places aren’t secret, hidden gems waiting to be discovered. However, they’re nice places I’ll forever associate with my first few weeks here.

Today marks the one month anniversary of my great move to the city. I have no regrets, and I feel nothing but hope, eagerness and elation for my future.